Tchepikov: want to be in the national team was not one leader, but it takes time

Double Olympic champion Sergey Chepikov has answered the question whether outweighs the gold medal Alexander Loginov at the world Championships the failure of the rest of the team.

“Of course, I wanted the performances have been better to have more prizes. At the same time the gold medal Loginova who waited more than 10 years, is an accomplishment.

There were technical nuances, and problems with the weapons. In the course of the season have made adjustments to the operation of the ski was reinforced by the service team, which gave a good result at the world Cup. Of course, I would like more consistent results, to have not just one leader, but it takes time”, — quotes Chepikova “R-Sport”.

Recall that Loginov was the only representative of Russian national team who managed to win medals at the world Cup in Antholz (Italy). Alexander was the winner of the sprint and a bronze medal in pursuit.


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