Tax havens well-known excluded from the black list

Des paradis fiscaux notoires exclus de la liste noire

Photo: Drew Angerer Agence France-Presse
Bermuda is among the countries that “will probably come out totally in the process of listing the EU”, is afraid of Oxfam.

The non-governmental organization Oxfam expressed concern Thursday to see nine of the worst tax havens in the world, according to her, escape to the black list of the EU.

Next Tuesday, the 28 Finance ministers of the Eu met in Brussels, need to update their black-list, which contains currently more than five countries : Samoa, american Samoa, the u.s. Virgin islands, Trinidad and Tobago, and Guam. This list should, according to two sources in Brussels, be somewhat expanded to new countries, which it is not yet known names.

However, said Oxfam, ” the Bahamas, Bermuda, the british Virgin islands, the Cayman islands, Guernsey, Hong Kong, isle of Man, Jersey and Panama are likely to release totally in the process of listing the EU “. These countries are currently on the list of so-called ” grey “, the countries having made commitments of conduct in tax matters which are the subject of a follow-up. Currently, there are 63 countries that are still on the grey list, a kind of purgatory compared to the black list.

And yet, some are at the centre of recent scandals, revealed by the international Consortium of investigative journalists, in “the Paradise Papers” in November 2017 and the “Panama Papers” in 2016, said Oxfam.

The black list of the EU, adopted on December 5, 2017 — a first in the history of the Union, originally contained 17 countries. But it had already been reduced by half on January 23, 2018, eight countries, including Panama, having provided commitments of good conduct and passing on the grey list. This decision caused the indignation of many NGOS.