Suvorov — the abolition of the UCM: the team of Belarus could intervene in the medal showdown

Striker Junior team of Belarus Alexander Suvorov said that the team could fight for the medals in YJWCH-2020, which was cancelled due to pandemic coronavirus.

“I realized that I would have a chance. But at the same time, understand that this tournament is in any case impossible to get off on individual actions and push his “I”. From the perfectly clear, when a person pulls the blanket over himself and when he plays on the team. Solo you win a couple of games a season and at the Junior world championship can only be won by a team.

We set high goals. We just had to go to the playoffs. Now you can tell a lot of big words, but at YJWCH-2020, under certain circumstances, we could intervene in the medal showdown. We have gathered a great team in Raubichi plus the North America a great Belarusian troops — our guys are there only has gained its best shape. We would act as one and would be hungry to win, but as they are,” Suvorov cites the press service of FHB.


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