surprising response to a fan (PHOTO)

surprising response to a fan (PHOTO)

The beloved and esteemed singer-songwriter Gianni Morandi responds to a fan who mentions the Zan Ddl: Gianni’s response is not long in coming, do you know what he would do?

Gianni Morandi, Photo source: Instagram (@ morandi_official)

It’s a songwriter beloved, Gianni Morandi, who enjoys the deep esteem of fans as evidenced by the many messages of affection on social platforms such as Instagram or Facebook: the known artist continues to keep company with the large and large audience e does not shy away from user questions, just like in this case.

A summer as a protagonist, that of Gianni, who with his song “The cheerfulness” is really making everyone sing and dance, with the song that, in a short time, has become a welcome and beloved catchphrase of this summer season.

Yet another success of a career simply incredible and lived to the fullest by the artist, who in many years of success has been able to affirm his talent, friendliness, skill and that energy that all those who have followed him for a long time attribute to him.

And just about “The Joy”, its Facebook Morandi recently shared a post with a snapshot and a caption that reads: “July 13. With this dress I shot the video of “L’allegria”, how does it fit me? “

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Gianni Morandi Facebook, the response to the fan: “maybe a dress was enough”

It never stops making the public, the beloved and well-known singer, sing, dance and excite Gianni Morandi, a character with an immense career who is achieving important success with “The Joy”.

As mentioned, the artist recently released a post its Facebook, in which he asks how he is doing the dress worn during the video of the aforementioned song. Such full it consists of a pink jacket and trousers and a black shirt.

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The post got great interactions, as usual, for Gianni, and among the users there are those who asked him on that occasion: “I noticed yesterday, Gianni In silence, are you calmly helping to approve the Zan Ddl? To reiterate that people matter and not gender differences? ”.

Punctual arrived there replica of the singer who is always very attentive to the messages of the public: “Maybe a dress was enough, – writes in response the well-known singer-songwriter – I’d dress in pink every day. A kiss”

Post by Gianni Morandi, Photo source: Instagram (@ morandi_official)

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