Surer advises Mercedes to avoid getting a ‘McLaren 2007’

    Surer advises Mercedes to avoid getting a ‘McLaren 2007’

    Warns that prioritizing a driver can make them lose the title

    This year they have Red Bull as a new guest at the party

    Mercedes should think twice whether betting on Hamilton so early is the best option for them, according to Marc Surer. The former Swiss Formula 1 driver recalls the 2007 McLaren situation as an example to avoid.

    Surer thinks it is too dangerous to establish a hierarchy of first and second driver at this point in the season. The ex-driver believes that if Mercedes bets 100% on Hamilton, he runs the risk that none of his drivers will win the World Championship at the end of the season and he remembers what McLaren did in 2007, with Alonso and Lewis, as an example.

    “I think it’s very difficult to designate a number one and a number two at the beginning of the season because you don’t know what’s going to happen. Hamilton can be unlucky in two races and suddenly Bottas have more points. The best example for not doing this is 2007, when McLaren was dominating Formula 1 “, Surer has commented in declarations for the British Web portal Formula 1 News.

    “There was Fernando as number one and Hamilton as number two, not officially but by logic. They also did some tricks with the stops to put Alonso in front. But it turned out that neither of them won the title, so it’s dangerous to do that so soon“Surer added.

    The ex-driver points this out because let’s remember that Mercedes has a new party guest this year, Red Bull and its reinforced line-up. Precisely Damon Hill, the 1996 champion, believes that the threat from Red Bull will make Mercedes prioritize Lewis over Bottas to secure this year’s drivers’ title.

    “Any kind of external threat brings a team together. For years we have had Mercedes fighting each other among drivers for the title with occasional forays from people like Red Bull or Ferrari, but now they have an external threat,” Hill warned.

    “So I think it will be seen that the teamwork will support Lewis, their main contender. They know that Lewis is their best card,” added the world champion.

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