Stupid rule changes

    Stupid rule changes

    Men who are unable to think for themselves, do not think at all “

    Oscar Wilde

    I believe and defend dialectical changes that transform society, as long as they tend towards development. Frederick Engels considered that the philosophy of dialectical materialism must be based on the total knowledge of the natural sciences and mathematics and that, in turn, the natural sciences and mathematics can only be fruitfully developed on the basis of dialectical materialism.

    The infamous rule of placing a runner on second base in extra innings is a ridiculous rule to begin with, it was implemented in 2020 after a few years of experimentation in the independent and minor leagues, and was totally acceptable to use in a wacky, wacky season and shortened by a pandemic.

    In Major League Baseball, the rules are made and tradition doesn’t matter. Baseball is trying to eat itself alive again, with silly rule changes getting in the way of the game, in a bogus effort to try to speed up games, or finish games faster, or get players home. before or some nonsense like that perpetuated by MLB bosses.

    If MLB wants to find ways to speed up the game, then let’s find another method of doing it that isn’t about giving away a free runner at second base.

    This rule of giving away, of placing, a runner in scoring position distorts the essence of a game where the most difficult currency is to get on base.

    SPORT’S DAY. On September 23, 1956, Osvaldo -El Oégano- Virgil debuted in the Major Leagues, he was the first Dominican who opened the lock to have his coffee at the Great Circus, receiving for his feat the decoration with the Medal of Order of Merit Juan Pablo Duarte by the government of Rafael Leonidas Trujillo. January 11 is the Dominican Player’s Day, by Decree issued by President Hipólito Mejía. On January 11, the “Rio Verde Tragedy” occurred.

    TODAY’S FAVORITES: Dodgers (Buehler 0-0); Yankees (Kluber 0-0); Houston (McCullers 0-0).

    A DAY LIKE TODAY: 1971 – The Oakland Athletics trade 1B / OF Felipe Alou to the New York Yankees in exchange for two prospects. In 1972, Matty’s younger brother will join him in New York pinstripes. The Yankees will acquire him in another deal with Oakland.

    2017 – Trailing 8-1 in the eighth inning and 9-3 in the bottom of the ninth, the Angels mount a tremendous comeback to defeat the Mariners, 10-9. Albert Pujols, who had homered earlier in the inning, ties the game with a two-run single.

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