Strimers Karina — quarantine in Italy: the streets are Packed, put on mask just because of the fines

Strimers Karina, living in Italy, spoke about the current situation of coronavirus in the country.

“The center of the province. The population less than 30 thousand people. The streets are Packed as if there was no pandemic. The street was all out.

In a cafe at a table can one sit without a mask and eat. It is noteworthy that the table is almost in the middle of the street on which both are moving hundreds of people.

The kids are running around the Central square without masks. Adults shift the mask to the neck, eat ice cream or smoke. Apparently, the masks are protected only from fines.

According to statistics everything is fine. I could really have carried?” — posted by Karina in his instagram.

Previously Karina commented on the lifting of isolation in Russia at the peak of the pandemic coronavirus.

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