Streamer showed how Half-Life Alyx can be played without the use of VR

Internal tools built into Half-Life Alyx, now allow for some time to dispense with the use of VR devices.

On 24 March, the representative of the Valve’s Robin Walker said “looks” mods that will get rid of the reference to VR and play Half-Life Alyx on standard displays, the keyboard and mouse. The founder of the channel Valve News Network on YouTube Tyler Macvicar has surprised audiences move freely through the location in Half-Life Alyx without the use of the VR helmet. But after a while Tyler opened the console, gave it vr_enable_fake_vr_test, and on the screen appeared again the hands of Alix. Tyler could shoot from the weapon, to control your character still without the use of the VR helmet.

Rights to the video belong to Twitch. Video posted to the account of the player Tyler Macvicar.

This was a great find for modders, as the tools embedded in the Half-Life Alyx needed to play the game without VR are already in place that should dramatically ease the work of modders. The representative of the Valve’s Robin Walker thinks that Half-Life without VR will not look so cool. But for players who can’t afford to buy a VR device, this is undoubtedly good news.


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