“Stay at home too boring!” Bistrovich told how spending time in quarantine

CSKA Moscow midfielder Cristian Bistrovich have explained what he was doing while in quarantine because of the epidemic of the coronavirus.

“The situation is what it is. From the club each day, we send you a workout plan, so we don’t lose their shape and were in good physical condition. Really looking forward to when this is all over. I almost never leave the house unless absolutely necessary. Spend most of my time in the apartment. Watch TV shows, movies with my girlfriend. But to be honest, for me it is too boring! Don’t like to sit at home. What books are you reading? I like sports autobiography. The last thing I read, it’s about Rafael Nadala and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Loved it.

Faced with the shortage of goods in the store? Went to a large grocery three days ago, I bought quite a lot of products that could long out of the house. There is no shortage I have not noticed. And the people there were not as many as usual. Panic was not exact. I think that further problems will not arise.

In Russia in General very few cases, compared to the rest of the world. Perhaps Moscow will all be spared. Afraid of the coronavirus? Probably not. The doctors gave some recommendations for the protection, I follow all of them. I think all will be well. Hopefully soon we will start training”, — quotes the words of Bistrovich Sport24.


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