Song and dance festival also outside Latvia

Song and dance festival also outside Latvia

This week, the school youth song and dance festival began with “Saulesvija”, a journey through all of Latvia, congratulating the young singers and dancers. But singers and dancers are also in the diaspora. Thus, Latvian children’s and youth groups from Great Britain have already celebrated their small dance festival. Unfortunately, the spectators did not stay within the allowed number of visitors, but the most important thing for the participants – both small and large – was the joy of being together and the opportunity to put on gorgeous folk costumes.

Peterborough was originally intended to have a three-day camp with rehearsals, a joint march and a real concert, but unfortunately the pandemic once again made its adjustments.

The dancers of the folk dance group “Straumēni” said: “For those of us who have been to the big song festival, it is a feeling that you will not feel anywhere else. cool to be in the crowd again, that’s the main thing. Try it well first, and then celebrate! “

The smallest dance groups were housed in a separate building with a playground and a place to run around.

Rūta Bušaite, the leader of the people’s almost collective “Kaķīši”, said: “It is quite difficult to control, but sometimes some people wonder how we get to do something by dancing. But in the end something comes together!

Justine Gerasenko, the dancer of “Cats”, said: “I started dancing here from the very beginning, and I don’t think I will stop. I like dancing here.”

Ligita Polovko, the leader of the children’s dance group “Kastanitis”, explained: “They have never been to a song festival, a dance festival, they don’t even know who they are. If only their parents have shown and told them who they are. It’s more than a trip to Latvia, which unfortunately broke down. “

Little dancers really like folk costumes. “Chestnut” dancer Victoria Simsone said: “I like those big skirts, because when we turn, they go out a lot.”

Inese Asermane, a spokeswoman for the camp organizers, said: “Pulling on folk costumes was associated with a special event for them. There will be a move. That means there will be something special. And the kids will be happy to wear costumes. “

A limited number of people are allowed to attend the concert, so the mother’s little dancers were only allowed to clean up, help with organizational matters and prepare a treat, but they could only watch the performance on video.

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