Smallville. What became of Allison Mack; This is how the actress looks (Photos)

Smallville. What became of Allison Mack; This is how the actress looks (Photos)

Smallville brought to the small screen in 2001 Clark Kent’s story: from his time through high school to his way to become Superman. The series ran for a decade and became a classic among fans of DC. Tom Welling gave life to a young and inexperienced superhero who had the help of his friend Chloe Sullivan, interpreted by Allison Mack, whose career and life was marked after his involvement in a sexual sect

Throughout the ten seasons several actors joined or left the series, but Allison Mack stayed true to the plot and continued until last episode. However, his career was not the same after the end of tv show, despite the fact that this paved the way for the production of new series focused on other characters in the DC universe.

The American actress began her career at the age of four recording commercial at six he enteredl Young Actors Space from Los Angeles, which allowed him to participate in plays. Allison Mack was part of multiple productions What Empty nest, Angel for everything, Providence O My horrible year!, although his great opportunity would come with Smallville.

What happened to Allison Mack after Smallville?

He was just 18 when he got the role of Chloe Sullivan, the best friend of Clark Kent, in the iconic series. At the same time as recording Smallville, the actress participated in other projects, including the series The Nightmare Room.

He also lent his voice for the animated film The Ant Bully Y The Batman. By the end Smallville, Allison Mack had her own series The Chloe’s Chronicles that he followed the adventures he played for a decade; however, it came to an end in its second season.

In 2021 he joined the cast of the comedy Wilfred: Man’s Worst Friend where he had a supporting role.

His sect participation NXIVM

The race of Allison Mack would come to an end when his participation in the NXIVM group(pronounced “nexium”), led by Keith Raniere Y supposedly founded as a self-help and development program, but was actually a sex cult.

When the authorities approached Raniere, he fled to Mexico with Allison Mack and others to try to reconstitute the group there. In March 2018, he was arrested. That same year the actress was arrested for sex trafficking, extortion and forced labor conspiracy.

Mack was accused of recruiting women to convert them in “slaves” of the sect, “by marking them and demanding that they deliver a ‘guarantee’ material “, from photos to intimate videos.

I know pleaded guilty to the charges in 2019 and offered an apology for her crimes, claiming to be “ashamed of the way” in which she behaved. At the end of June 2020, a judge handed down a sentence in the United States against Allison Mack; the famous was sentenced to spend three years in federal prison for his role in the sex trafficking network NXIVM.

“I gave myself to the teachings of Keith Raniere with everything I had (…) I believed, with all my heart, that his mentoring was leading me to a better and more enlightened version of myself. I dedicated my loyalty, my resources, and ultimately my life to him. This was the biggest mistake and regret of my life, ”he wrote in a letter to apologize to the victims.



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