Slutsky: Rubin is the best team with ten men

Head coach of “Rubin” Leonid Slutsky after the victory in the match 22-th round of RPL (1:0) with the Tula “Arsenal” commented the player of Kazan in the second leg in a row.

“It is difficult to comment on such matches, when each point is worth its weight in gold and we began a fight for survival. To the fore emotions, some other factors, some the episode of moral and volitional qualities. The match had two key moments: we scored a good goal in the first half and the removal of the Makarov.

These are the two key points that influenced the course of the game and the end result. I’m glad I managed to defend a victory and quality otbranata. You see, the title of the best team of the game with ten men, perhaps, honorable. But if we play like this every match, with ten men remaining, it is very difficult to go through the whole championship.

Card not the case? Some on business, some don’t. Think that both cards on the Makarov at least controversial. And we play in the first round with “Tambov”, where yeskov is not showing a second yellow Oyewole. There’s an obvious foul, the man is late. Then two yellow Kvaratskhelia. The first raises serious questions.

And here two yellow Makarov. First and second are, in my opinion, this is not what you need. The team is young. Of course, in the heat of battle there are some episodes. Makarov did not play rough when he jumped out and was the episode with the elbow, it was generally the first on the ball. He jumped up, crawl under it player. He did not motion with his elbow. The second card is the same: he loses the ball, then enters the selection. In my opinion, this is not a yellow card. This raises serious questions”, — quotes Slutsky “Business Online”.

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