Slutskaya: it was the pioneers and Newspapers, and now the sincerity and accuracy lost

Two-time Olympic medalist, two-time world champion and seven-time European champion in figure skating Irina Slutskaya speculate on the change of generations.

“Children are always in a hurry to grow up, and adults want to return to childhood. Today sat with Kira and listened to the good old song “Winged swing”, “the clock strikes on the old tower” from the movie “the adventures of electronics”, “What is taught in school.” I was thinking about that today, it is lost. Before were the pioneers, we drew the wall newspaper. And the children were very different! Lost some sincerity, reverence, correctness in some way.

I listened, and my tears flowed because now everything is different and modern. I want to rediscover the world as he saw us and was for us in childhood. But the feelings we had in childhood, no longer exists. No votes, warm, meaningful songs of the legendary music… do you remember?” — posted by Slutskaya in his instagram.


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