Slivko: I example — Wearer

Russian biathlete Victoria Slivko called the athlete, which can focus in your career. Among all the women she highlighted the Italian Dorothea wierer.

“Now, biathlon has come to the conclusion that a leader must be perfect in everything. It used to be you could slip through to victory only with high speed. Now, as much as you ran, with two penalties, for example, it is almost impossible to win.

As for Olga, for me she is an example. Dorothea like as the athlete I am watching it and rooting in the dispute over world Cup just for her. Wearer very cool shoot, she never didn’t aim at, only in exceptional cases when the price misses a medal.

And so the Italian does everything consistently, she has no torn work. All clear, just like training. Dorothea shoots fast, not afraid. Plus she’s a strong move”, — quotes the words Slivko “Tyumen arena”.


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