Slight overflowing north of Lac-Saint-Jean

Although the region is still spared by the floods, at least two municipalities in northern Lac-Saint-Jean have found stream overthrow fortunately without too much consequences, Sunday.
A brook running through the town of Girardville emerged from bed in the morning due to a slight ice jam under a culvert. Mayor Michel Perreault, however, confirmed that the situation returned to normal at noon hour after a team cleaned the obstructed culvert grid that caused the overflow on the streets. at the northern entrance of the municipality.

Then, on the Saint-Méthode side, several local citizens noticed a similar situation after an ice jam was created under a culvert spanning the Ticouapé River. A section of Range North was flooded and closed to traffic for an indefinite period. Access to the rank Baril was done exclusively by Normandin, Sunday. Pierre-Alexandre Maltais