Sleeps and the Sun Devils hope to get a place in March Madness

Dort et les Sun Devils espèrent obtenir une place au March Madness

Photo: Kim Raff Associated Press
Luguentz Sleeps and the Sun Devils at Arizona State University, wrangle farm to qualify for the famous national tournament March Madness.

If the Sun Devils were up the mercury in March Madness, a key player would be without a doubt the Montreal Luguentz Sleeps, which could also be in the process of reaching the highest summit of his sport, the NBA.

Remains to be seen if the rookie from Arizona State will be eligible for the repechage, which will take place on 20 June at the Barclays Center, the home Net in Brooklyn.

“I really liked what I experienced this season, it was amazing, really nice , has entrusted Sleeps when joined Oregon last week, shortly before a match that proved to be a defeat against the Ducks, in Eugene.

“That said, I haven’t decided yet [about my plans], added Sleeps, who grew up in Montreal-North. It will really depend on the end of our season. I also have to talk about with my family and coaches. “

The Sun Devils are a borderline case for this is to access the March Madness, which begins on 19 march. They helped their cause by winning 74-71 against the Beavers of Oregon State, Sunday evening. Sleeps led the visitors with 20 points, including an evening of four-in-six for three-point shots.

Arizona State will conclude the regular season on march 9, at the University of Arizona.

Before the national tournament, there will be the tournament of the Pac-12, from 13 to 16 march in Las Vegas, the T-Mobile Arena. The winner accesses to the March Madness, but it is a way risky to qualify, the type of last resort.

The NCAA will announce the composition of the table march 17, over the airwaves of CBS.

Best pointer

Luguentz Sleeps leads his people with an average of 16.2 points per game. It is the ninth pointer of the Pac-12, thanks to eight games of 20 points or more.

He also leads the Sun Devils with 46 flights, ranking fourth in the Pac-12 to this chapter. “I really improved,” said Sleeps. I have had big matches, I’ve had bad, and it has helped me to see what player I am.”

“I worked on some shots of various places on the ground — and certain aspects of my game, I became a better point guard. Coach Bobby Hurley, but also the assistants, like Anthony Coleman or Rashon Burno, they have helped me at all levels. “

The soothsayers scrutinizing the draft of the NBA to see Sleeping choose at the end of the first round, or in the course of the second round.

Sleeps, who will turn 20 years old on the 19th of April, took the road of the United States at the age of 16 years, playing for schools at Jacksonville and Orlando. He concluded high school at Athlete Institute in Ontario.

“It has been a bit of a shock for my parents, at the beginning, says sleeper, who has two brothers and three sisters. Then, they saw that I had the opportunity to do something with the basketball. They would not prevent me to continue to work hard to go far here.”

“It has helped me a lot to become more independent and grow as a player, to learn English also. “

And the family closely follows its course.

“I call my mom before every game,” said the one who wears the number 0, the same as his two favorite players in the NBA, Damian Lillard and Russell Westbrook. I always remember the next day also, we talk about the game, we talk about everything. “

The strapping six-foot-four and 215 pounds, has also worn the colours of the montreal-based organization BrookwoodElite, offering a showcase for american via the circuit summer AAU.

“It has been very beneficial to participate in tournaments in the USA, to be seen by coaches and recruiters,” says sleeper, who also cites the Knights of Park-Extension and Nelson Ossé as a major influence in his career.

Become a fan of soccer since it evolves in american soil, Sleeping is also a fan of boxing and UFC.

The Sun Devils have already counted in their ranks the best pointer in the NBA this season, James Harden.