Skabelka: there were skeptics who believed that Lisovets is asking to go back to Minsk

Head coach of “Locomotive” Andrei Skabelka has shared his opinion about the Belarusian players of Minsk “Dynamo”.

“Whatever you had fielders, if you don’t have a reliable goalkeeper, it’s hard. Because he gives the team confidence and may drag her down. So one game lost, two, three… what Next? And the player, what to say? What are you making goalkeeper for the world Cup? And you wait a year.

If you want results, you work in a serious League. You should aim to win, not just participate.

Now for the Belarusian players, who believe that they are not much in demand in the Minsk Dynamo, KHL all available. You have the same status as the Russian player. I believe that you are stronger — please.

This is what showed Lisovets. Came to Ufa and got good playing time. Both Henkel in “AK the leopard”. Although there were skeptics who thought these players a month ago come to ask”, — quotes the Skabelka “Pressball” with reference to “Belarus 5”.

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