“Sitting, probably without money.” Shlemenko responded to the words of Emelianenko on the fee for the fight

The Russian fighter of the mixed single combats Alexander Shlemenko responded to the words of another fighter of MMA Alexander Emelianenko. Recall Emelianenko said that Shlemenko has requested an unreasonably high amount for the fight with him.

Previously Emelianenko caused Shlemenko to fight by Boxing rules, he said that he is ready to fight MMA, Fedor accepted the conditions of the opponent.

“No, of course, no agreement. From Emelianenko has friends who he poured the information. That it too high… there Is an adequate market price tag. If they are not satisfied with something, that is their problem. The amount is confidential.

Why Emelianenko is so hard responds? Sitting, probably with no money and wants to draw to himself the fight. And all the rest he could care less. On the weak just decided to take the boy”, — quotes the words Shlemenko Sport24.


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