Singer Manal Benchlikha hospitalized (PHOTO)

Singer Manal Benchlikha hospitalized (PHOTO)

Moroccan singer Manal Benchlikha, better known by her first name “Manal”, was hospitalized in the emergency room on Wednesday evening so that medical care could be provided to her state of health.

The artist suffers from gastritis corresponding to an inflammation of the lining of the stomach which, according to her, is due to her consumption of watermelon. This is what she explained in a story on her official account of the social network Instagram.

The singer did not fail to publish photos of the drugs prescribed to her by the doctor on call in the emergency room. This, along with the following comment: “Yesterday I had the most painful night of my life after having this gastritis due to my consumption of watermelon. I then found myself in the emergency room at 3 a.m. Thank goodness my health has improved a lot, but I still feel weak. Pay attention to the consumption of watermelon! “.

This Manal story quickly spread across many Instagram pages and also sparked new controversy over persistent rumors about Moroccan watermelon compliance with health standards. And this, despite the fake news denounced by the National Food Safety Office (ONSSA) which wanted to be reassuring on this subject.

Note that gastritis of the gastric mucosa can be due to several factors, including infections, but also stress that can lead to serious illness, lesions, as well as certain drug treatments and immune system disorders.

However, in the best of cases, the symptoms of gastritis usually go away in less than two weeks.


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