Silverstone, COVID Certified: “Getting More Fans to Return Safely”

    Silverstone, COVID Certified: “Getting More Fans to Return Safely”

    The British Formula 1 event is approaching and they want the public to prepare safely for their upcoming events. Several associations and organizations in the United Kingdom have drawn up a letter for British politicians, trying to implement a COVID certification that is capable of launching the safe attendance of the public and fans to the events closest in time, including the Grand Prix of Great Britain, on July 18. That is why they work closely with the same goal and ask for the union of the leaders.

    Letter from associations and bodies to British political leaders

    “We welcome the Government’s commitment to ensuring the return of spectators to sporting events and the support that all political parties and delegated administrations have shown for the return of sport at all levels during the pandemic. The Prime Minister’s announcement this week that the Government’s roadmap to ease lockdown restrictions is still ongoing is very welcome news.. Sporting events can continue to plan for the return of a small number of spectators starting May 17. At this stage of the process, all spectators will be required to follow social distancing requirements and attendance will be limited to a maximum of 25% of the largest venue’s capacity. However, this will remain insufficient to end the sport’s COVID financial crisis. “

    “Looking ahead to June 21, we support the Government’s ambition to ensure the full return of fans, without restrictions if possible. Necessarily, this will depend on the government agreeing that it is safe to reduce or eliminate social distancing requirements. Events Research Program (ERP) is examining how this can be achieved, which is looking at a variety of options, including the degree to which social distancing can be relaxed. This work is supported by all the major sporting bodies. “

    “All of our sports are committed to working closely with the Events Research Program to explore all options that will allow us to quickly return to full capabilities. The return of the fans will give a huge boost to millions of people who will enjoy Spend a day at a sporting event with your friends and family and it will be of great benefit to the economy. It is correct that all possible actions are considered to ensure this result as soon as possible., but only as long as an unrestricted return is deemed unsafe for fans, matchday staff and the general public. This includes investigating how a COVID certification agreement could safely reduce and then eliminate the requirement for social distancing. ”

    “There are many issues that need to be addressed, including how the technology would work and how easy it is to use at important events, for both attendees and organizers. All of our sports can see the benefit of a COVID certification process in getting more fans. get back safely to your sport as quickly as possible. We know that our stadiums can only be fully filled with a guarantee process. This process should ensure that everyone can access the stadiums and should include arrangements verifying a negative COVID test or antibody test along with vaccination certification. The final approach must be non-discriminatory, it must protect privacy and have clear exit criteria. Based on these principles, we support the review of the use of COVID certification for major events. Any final decision on its application should follow an evaluation of the evidence gathered in future ERP trials. We look forward to working with the government and all stakeholders– including our stakeholders and fans – to deliver the great sporting summer that the entire nation longs for. “

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