Shy’m (Profiling) : this tattoo to which it holds more than any

Shy'm (Profilage) : ce tatouage auquel elle tient plus que tout

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Tamara Charles, alias Shy’m, is the new partner of Philippe Bas in the tenth season of Profiling, the series aired on Thursday night on TF1. The singer shares a passion with the actor : one for tattoos. And if she says no to count, one of them takes particularly to heart.

Shy’m decided to return to his real name : Tamara Marthe. Thus, it is Tamara that we discover in season 10 of Profiling distributed this Thursday, march 26, on TF1 (but the chain has decided to suspend for an indefinite time). The young woman is a without fault : his fans are waiting for you –to reassure this large, edgy– and its partners have met with generosity. In particular, Philippe Bas, of which she said that he was “a true support, a true landmark … [I]t’s shoulder during all those months of filming”. With him she had to share a few memories and why not share addresses of tattooists – the actor is also very tattooed.

This long-creeper 34-year-old has transformed his body in a album of memories. “How many tattoos ?”, asked him one day the magazine Gala. “I stopped counting in the twentieth, she replied. They all have a meaning, the smallest are a bit like a travel diary for me, depending on the country that I have visited. The biggest are a blow of heart for Starasian, a tattoo artist of genius who has a signature that I particularly like. Over the years, some were deleted, I find it very symbolic. I let them live and disappear.

A tattoo with the taste of childhood

Shy m says no regret no. Even this first, realized then that she was 22 years old, in Montreal. Although it is common (his date of birth in roman numerals), but since then, she has been able to incorporate it in other drawing is more complex, more true to what she likes now. But there is one which, more than the other, it takes very much to heart. It is the third that she has made to make : a dove of peace. I chose it thinking of my mother, she confided, because this drawing was with us and followed us during our many moves when I was a child.

Proof of image : on this picture of her child that she was posting in October 2018, on his account of Instagram, what we see is a drawing of the dove of peace by Picasso posted on the wall. Comment this hashtag : #Picassomonphare

Never his face…

If Shy m claims that it suppresses, it recognizes to resist difficult to draw on its body of new stories, and this in spite of the pain that sometimes is at the limit of what is bearable. She claims, however, that she never touched her face, her neck, her shoulders… One way may be to leave these parts of it, such as blank pages to write roles that will be added to the one she holds today in Profiling…


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