Shlemenko: for the fight with Emelianenko, I was offered something like $ 100 thousand.

The Russian fighter of the mixed single combats Alexander Shlemenko spoke about the proposed fee for the fight with Alexander Emelianenko.

“I asked for the fight with Emelianenko is significantly less than Kharitonov. I asked not even two times more than I earn in a normal fight. A little more than I get per battle on average weight. If people do not have any information… “Ren-TV” — people new and trying on the weak to breed.

I don’t know what they expect. If Emelianenko offered me to fight in my weight, then I would understand why he whines. And here he is well settled. He determines the rules and chosen the weapons and to whom how much to pay. Why he has such crown in the picture? Okay got it. This fight is now under threat. I don’t see the point, if you from the second try to heat, to break, to lower. He called on me. I think it is unprofessional people. Why to work with them?

They offered me something like $ 100 thousand children Have a deadline, until the plans less than a month. On the weak such shows are made. The date was not in net terms, it was about the end of April,” said Shlemenko in an interview with YouTube channel “Allow you to interrupt.”


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