Sexual predator Daniel Martel is sentenced to 42 months in prison

Daniel Martel, a 20-year-old from Les Escoumins and charged with 25 counts of a sexual nature, was sentenced on Tuesday to serve 42 months in prison and another three additional months for breach of probation by Judge Jean Hudon, of the Court of Quebec.
The individual, who was 18 years old at the time, was arrested for offering money to minors in return for sexual favors, for having photos of his naked victims in his possession, for distribution of some of them and for broadcasting a video on social networks.

He pleaded guilty to 23 charges against him last July.

Mr. Nicolas Gagnon, counsel for Legal Aid representing the accused, was satisfied with the sentence handed down by Judge Hudon who reached his conclusions that the consecutive minimum sentences imposed by the law were unconstitutional.

“Under the provisions of the law, the mandatory minimum sentence should have been seven years. Judge Hudon determined that the provisions of the Act were unconstitutional under the Charter of Human Rights dealing with the imposition of cruel and unusual punishment, “said Ms. Gagnon.

Martel could have faced minimum sentences of one year for each of the seven victims and another year for the possession and distribution of child pornography.

Mr. Gagnon was also satisfied that the judge had taken into account mitigating factors such as the age of the young man who was 18 and 19 years old and his state of mental health.

The lawyer indicated that his client would not have a long time to be kept in the shade since the judge removed part of the pre-trial detention time already completed. “A big part of my client’s sentence has already been served,” says Gagnon.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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