Seven differences between the series and Bridgerton’s books – Notes

Seven differences between the series and Bridgerton’s books – Notes

The Netflix series “Bridgerton” it has 83 million views and is one of this year’s favorites.

The romance between Daphne and the Duke of Hastings garnered fans in droves and renewed interest in the youth romance saga, with eight books, one for each Bridgerton brother.

However, fans of the books noted several differences with the audiovisual production.

Daphne and Simon’s relationship

While she stays pretty true to what the books show, the first difference is that it took Daphne much longer to find a husband.

The story with the Duke of Hastings takes place only in its second social season, and not in the first as it appears in the series. In addition, her brother Anthony shows little interest in the young woman’s marital future and Simon is presented in a much more crude and serious way in the books.

Point in favor for the series: the boxing scenes

The Netflix series got it right by including boxing scenes that, while a high-society sport in the series, don’t appear in the books at all.

In this sense, the plot of Simon frequenting a boxing venue and sharing his troubles with Will Mondrich, is something completely new to the series.

Lord Featherington is already dead in the books

The character played by Ben Miller for Netflix is ​​one of the characters that most earned the hatred of fans of the series.

However, the character was already dead in the first novel, “The Duke and I”.

The fact that she is still alive is actually so that the character of Marina Thompson, who barely has a leading role in the books, remains with the family after it has been discovered that she is pregnant.

The Queen and Prince Friedrich don’t exist in the books

Among the changes that most surprised fans is the addition of these characters, whom Chris Van Dusen, producer of the series, described as his favorites.

Both the prince and the queen end up being key characters in the relationship between Daphne and Simon in the series, but neither of them appear in the paper version.

Benedict Bridgerton: the most changed character

The second son of the Bridgerton family is very different from the character seen in the series: he has nothing to do with the art world or with the promiscuous encounters of high society.

Furthermore, her relationship with Henry Granville and Genevive Delacroix are also part of the series only.

Marina is hardly in the books

The character played by Ruby Barker has a great weight in this first season, especially because of the commotion around her pregnancy, but it is that in the literary saga she only appears briefly in the fifth book to mention her tragic death. In fact, she’s not related to the Featheringtons in the books, either.

It remains then to wait what the Netflix series will do with the loose ends and the different plots that it put together with the story created by Julia Quinn.


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