Sergey Karjakin has summed up the results of the group stage online tournament Lindores Abbey Rapid Challenge

Russian grandmaster Sergey Karjakin commented on the exit in the playoffs online tournament on rapid chess Rapid Challenge Lindores Abbey. Karjakin in the group stage took second place. In the playoffs, the Russian will face compatriot Daniel Oak.

“I am pleased with the preliminary stage, it was difficult to judge my form, because for me there were very few tournaments lately. Plus the first batch with Nakamura was formed for me very badly — I lost. But I am very glad that after that managed to find his game, has won three games in a row. Somewhere accompanied by luck, but in General there was a feeling that I’m playing much better.

Given the strength of rivals and the fact that I after the first batch didn’t lose anymore, the result is very good for me” — quoted by TASS in a row.

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