Semin: on this field, as in Rostov, it was difficult to play football, which showed Loko

Head coach of Lokomotiv Yuriy Semin commented on the victory in the match 22-th round of RPL with “Rostov” (3:1).

“Happy to win. In Rostov to achieve very difficult. Our opponent is one of the best teams. We have offered their own versions, the game is won, a great gift made for the fans, entrenched in second place. We are very satisfied, satisfied with the discipline of our players on the field, dedication and quality of the game. Although on that pitch was difficult to play the football that we have shown. The condition of the field was for me unexpected. Last year it was perfect when we played here.

Wasn’t the idea to pass the ball, the opponent took it. They actively attacked, well played Guilherme. We played on the road, the fans of the hosts actively supported. We wanted to control the ball more, but he was with us in the rapid offensive actions. We played balanced football. At first, the opponent had the advantage, but that’s okay. They are a serious team that can put pressure on any opponent.

Three goals in eight minutes, scored at the expense of his game. Scored beautiful goals. I want to mention, and it’s important that the first goal was an own goal. This goal by Krychowiak. Such a stunning impact, it is necessary to record on the player, especially the goalkeeper first touched the ball.

The leaders themselves know what’s best for the League. Football is one thing, but the health of spectators and players is more important. We will accept any decision (on the issue of suspension of RPL. — Approx. “Championship”), the situation is very complicated.

We are not the main favorites in the fight for second place, now nothing can be said. There is still a lot tours. A lot of surprises, look at Sochi. Anton Miranchuk could be back for the next game. He already trains in the General group” — sends word Semin correspondent “Championship” Bogdan Gorbunov.

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