Sedlak — about coronavirus: we have only one health, not risk it

Striker “Tractor” Lucas Sedlak spoke on the suspension of the play-offs because of the pandemic coronavirus. Chelyabinsk club this season missed the playoffs.

“It is sad. After all, you play all season, get into the playoffs, the most interesting time of the season. You try your best, play only to win. Again, this is the most interesting part of the whole season. All the time, all eight months you are preparing for the playoffs and to play for the Cup and overturned.

I am sure that the teams that are now in the playoffs, has a hard time. I can’t even imagine how you would feel in their place. Same thing with the games of national teams. But we only have one health, not risk it. Better to be cautious.

Of course, if your city everything is OK, then why not play, but if there are cases of infection, as in the Czech Republic or Switzerland, then of course you should cancel. Also very hard to play without fans, because in principle we’re playing for and for them. Games without fans — much harder. So I understand why the League pause and cancel the games,” said Sedlak. the press service of “Tractor”.


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