Second wave of coronavirus: restrictions have been modified and sports can be practiced in groups of more than 10 people

    Second wave of coronavirus: restrictions have been modified and sports can be practiced in groups of more than 10 people

    That the Province of Buenos Aires has prevented the practice of sports in groups of more than ten people, taking into account that activities with many more are allowed, was unusual, especially since, at least in San Pedro, no physical discipline was the focus of contagion so far.

    However, this impediment lasted a few hours because this Friday afternoon an annex to the Official Gazette was published in which it was clarified that in phase 4, in which the district led by Cecilio Salazar is located, “sports activities collective with or without contact, outdoors or in spaces with ample natural ventilation with more than 10 people ”.

    Beyond this new endorsement, the Director of Sports, Mariano Arnal, clarified through La Opinion that the item continues “with the same protocols” that were being applied even before the advance of the second wave of coronavirus: “At the moment we are going to continue with the same protocols that we were handling. They are the same protocols that we have been handling, that does not change ”. In other words, common sense was used.

    And he added: “We are adapting to each protocol of each federation, as long as the neighboring municipality is in the same phase as us. We are going to talk with the clubs to strengthen sanitary measures such as prevention with the use of a mask, distancing and alcohol gel. We continue along the same line in which we came ”.

    The provincial government reversed restrictions it had imposed on sport

    The restrictions are the same as those in force since the practice of sports was reactivated, although in recent months there was a massive relaxation that resulted in several not being complied with. To these must be added the measures announced by the Nation such as the impossibility of group trips for “unofficial sports competitions” but the endorsement so that the “official national, regional and provincial sports competitions are developed in closed places where more than 10 people ”with the health protocol endorsed by the authorities.

    Being in phase 4 of the scheme of the Province of Buenos Aires, in San Pedro the operation of gyms, swimming pools and horse riding agencies is allowed; motorcycling and motor racing competitions; the practice of individual sports outdoors; and the training of athletes and teams classified to the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games or have a contest in the short term to achieve said objective.

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