scar Ruggeri ‘aterriza’ a Sebastin Villa

    scar Ruggeri ‘aterriza’ a Sebastin Villa

    Colombians around the world Of his aspirations to reach Europe

    Scar Ruggeri sure that Sebastin Villa will not be able to reach Europe because of his background.

    Sebastin Villa became the gear ofl Boca Juniors by Miguel ngel Russo. His good moment in Argentine football fills him with the illusion of being able to be seen in Europe and to be able to cross the pond in the next transfer market.

    However, his sincerity about the desire he has to leave the xeneize group was not well received by the Argentinean opinion and ‘Oscar Ruggeri’ brought him down from the cloud ‘by stating that the complaint he has for gender violence, which has not yet been resolved by justice, prevent him from making the leap.

    “If he doesn’t have the record that he has, they can look at him if he has a chance. With a history, Real Madrid does not buy you or fart, or Bayern Munich, PSG, or Manchester United, nor any of the greats. He plays very well, but those teams look at everything. When I first heard about Villa, I knew that the race for the ‘great greats’ was over. There may be other teams that want it because the game plays very well, “said the world champion with Argentina in Mexico 1986.

    Just this week the antioqueo referred to the complaint filed against him in dialogue with TyC Sports, where he assured that he has his sights set on the future.

    “That’s left behind, I’m a stronger guy. When you stumble and get up, that makes you stronger. I am fine and for me it is already an anecdote“, express.

    In the last hours from the south of the continent the interest that Benfica has in signing the Colombian player became known. According to Mariano Closs the operation could take place in the middle of the year, although the clause is 40 million, the portuguese club will offer you a figure much less to blue and gold.

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