Scandal for positives of covid-19 at Deportivo Pereira – Colombian Football – Sports

    Scandal for positives of covid-19 at Deportivo Pereira – Colombian Football – Sports

    The use of players infected with covid-19 by Deportivo Pereira in the key victory in the fight not to be relegated, last Tuesday against DIM (1-0), unleashed a scandal of proportions not yet calculated in the League, which In just two days he must define the qualifiers for the quarterfinals and the team that will lose the category.

    The club’s version is that the results of the tests carried out before that game only reached them 40 minutes after the game started.

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    Fernando Jaramillo, president of Dimayor, warned that the issue is under investigation and that it is extremely serious.

    “The case is already under investigation by an oversight and it is clear in this situation, which is complex and serious, we have to make fair decisions with a cool head. We have a difficult moment because we already know that there are players in this situation that they lined up in that match, ”Jaramillo told TIME. “The possibility of postponing the games is open,” he added.

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    Decisive points

    The situation made the DIM, a team that is fighting to enter the knockout stages, file a lawsuit to obtain the points of the match against Pereira on the desk. Boyacá Chicó, the other involved in the fight not to be relegated, demanded that the points be taken away from his rival in that fight.

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    “On that subject, then, the situation is not so like that. That is not so clear in the light of the rules and regulations, but obviously it will be the subject of serious investigation and study by the competent bodies. The loss of those points I cannot affirm ”, added the manager.

    There is a possibility of a violation of the biosafety protocols established by the pandemic. “The first responsibility is of the medical bodies of the clubs and clubs so that the footballers can play. And if he is seriously investigating the responsibility in a case as delicate as this one ”. The leader added: “I have to start from the principle that it was done in good faith to know what exactly happened.”


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