Salado highlights that promoting sport in children and the elderly is key to education, health and coexistence

    Salado highlights that promoting sport in children and the elderly is key to education, health and coexistence

    (Press Council) The president of the Malaga Provincial Council, Francisco Salado, highlighted the institution’s commitment to promoting sport and physical activity among children and the elderly, as this contributes to education, health and coexistence. Salado has participated today in the inauguration of a webinar on ‘Challenges of sport and physical activity in the 21st century’, organized by the University of Malaga (UMA) to commemorate Sports Day.

    Salado has highlighted that the promotion of healthy lifestyle habits, including the practice of sports and physical activity in general, is one of the main objectives of the policies carried out by the Diputación de Málaga. “We promote sports physical activity among all ages, with special affection for the little ones and our elders,” he added, “because we understand that it should be considered a basic right and a public service.”

    The president of the Provincial Council has stressed that sport is one of the basic pillars in the education of minors, because it transmits values ​​such as effort and self-improvement and, at the same time, also teaches teamwork and collaboration. “Likewise, it is an effective tool to combat some of the main threats that loom over our young people, such as obesity, sedentary lifestyle or addictions,” he indicated.

    For this reason, it has valued the promotion of sport that is carried out through the provincial circuits, which cover almost all sports disciplines, and the sports schools that the provincial institution has running. And he has given as an example particularly healthy activities for the body and mind, such as swimming and chess.

    Francisco Salado has also referred to the beneficial effects of physical activity for the elderly, since it contributes to improving their well-being and quality of life, fighting loneliness and disease.

    And it has abounded in the Provincial Council’s commitment to inclusive sport and support for the visibility and respect of the role of women in sports, which is reflected in the brand + Deporte, + Mujer, through which they organize congresses and meetings.

    Finally, Salado recalled that the provincial institution allocated, through the Malaga Plan, one million euros to help the clubs and federations of the province to adapt sports practice to the new measures imposed by the pandemic. This money has been used in the hiring of technicians and in the acquisition of sanitary hygiene material to guarantee a safe development of all activities.

    Likewise, 200,000 euros have been earmarked for the Malaga Compite Plan to promote, through sponsorship, high-level sports clubs in the province.

    The seminar -coordinated by María Teresa Castilla, director of the Research Group HUM 365 Training, Orientation, Employability, Entrepreneurship, Inclusion and Innovation of the Faculty of Educational Sciences of Malaga- has included the development of various discussion tables in which The challenges of sport and physical activity in the 21st century have been analyzed from different perspectives: institutional, sports management, training and education, and sports professionals.

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