Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell compete as filming begins for the Christmas musical “Spirited” – Series Recommendations for Maniacs

Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell compete as filming begins for the Christmas musical “Spirited” – Series Recommendations for Maniacs

Filming of Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell has officially begun Energetic‘a musical interpretation of Dickens’ A christmas song for AppleTV +. Reynolds announced the news on his very active Twitter account, posting a photo of the couple face to face on the first day of filming. The movie was originally announced earlier this year when the casting team wanted Octavia Spencer to join the funny men in the latest adaptation of the classic Christmas story.

“Day 1 shot with one of my comedy idols, Will Ferrell. You would hardly notice that this is an @Apple movie! IOS 14.6 will also start installing in 7 seconds… “Reynolds wrote, although he caused some confusion with an initial release which was later removed. 9.3.3 »would be installed soon. It was quickly pointed out that Reynolds will have to live in 2016. The original post can be viewed below.

As originally reported in February, Spirited is written and directed by Sean Anders and John Morris, the duo behind Ferrells. Dad is at home Films. The film’s official synopsis reads: “A musical version of the classic Charles Dickens Christmas tale. A stingy man who treats everyone around him with terrible selfishness finds himself on a fantastic adventure through the three phases of time: past, present and future, to discover how he ended up so miserable and alone.

Ryan Reynolds He will play the character of Scrooge who is invaded by three good spirits his night with the intention of making him a much happier person in the future by showing him his unsatisfied past. Ferrell will play Ghost of Christmas Present while radiance Star Sunita Mani is required to play Ghost of Christmas Past. Octavia Spencer is said to play a colleague of Reynold’s, who also wants to help him change his miserable ways.

While little information about the film has been released, I don’t think we are likely to find any surprises. Energetic in terms of history. There are very few people who have not seen at least one version of A christmas song in its many guises, be it the classic version of Alastair Sim, the glorious and still outstanding Muppets villancico, Bill Murrays Scrooged or the latest television miniseries, much more adult and brutal, starring Tom Hardy and Andy Serkis.

Talking about Bill Murray brightly dark and funny Scrooged, which was directed by Richard Donner, there is something about the inclusion of Octavia Spencer’s “colleague” in Energetic sounds very similar. If so, there will be a small mountain to climb to overcome what is arguably one of Murray’s best performances. There is currently no release date set for Energetic appearing on Apple TV +, but since filming has only just begun, it seems unlikely that it will arrive before Christmas.

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