Ryan Babel, former Liverpool and Deportivo, becomes a rapper

    Ryan Babel, former Liverpool and Deportivo, becomes a rapper

    Football player Ryan Babel is one of the most recognized players in the recent history of Dutch football, although it could be said that he has never been because he is one of the most prominent on the pitch and yes because of what he has done away from it. His long career has taken him to many teams, including Liverpool and Deportivo de la Coruña, his only experience in Spain. The Dutchman has always been faced with new challenges and that is why in the last hours he has announced his leap into the music industry.

    His story, rapped by himself

    Through his social networks, the current Turkish Galatasaray footballer shared the video for his first song, titled ‘Young Champ. However, in this first video clip of the Dutchman we have not seen him, although we have heard. The description of the video itself offers an explanation to those of his followers who have missed him: “Ryan decided not to be the main character in his own music video and instead asked artist and model Selma Omari to be the center of attention”.

    “Ryan does not intend to position himself as a rapper, but rather wants to tell his story through music, a decision that is reflected in the video,” the Galatasaray footballer also explains. In addition to fellow singer Selma Omari, in this first video clip of Ryan Babel as a singer we see how an Ajax shirt is launched through the inner courtyard of a luxurious building, the club of his life taking center stage, for which he has played in up to three different stages.

    Commentary split with a lot of sense of humor

    During the last seasons, the footballer, well known for his changing colored hairstyles, lives an experience in Turkish football at the hands of Galatasaray, whose fans have starred in the main comments on his jump to music. “It was a great job, congratulations, but he scores a goal” or “Ryan, better focus on football. You have talent with music and YouTube, but your main goal should be football. How long have you been at Galatasaray?” have been some of the comments of these followers, the most respectful.

    How could it be otherwise, there were also fans of the footballer who have taken his leap to music with great humor, to the point of proposing that it be one of the songs sung by the fans of the Turkish club: “Make us champions. Let’s launch a campaign to sing this song live at the stadium “. The fans will surely start singing it if the club closes the six-point gap that separates them from the leader, Besiktas.

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