Russo tested with Almendra in the middle and Cardona is close to being a starter again

    Russo tested with Almendra in the middle and Cardona is close to being a starter again

    Boca’s coach, Miguel Russo, who turns 65 today, tested today -in the second soccer practice of the week- with Agustín Almendra next to Jorman Campuzano in midfield and the possibility of Edwin Cardona’s return as a starter grows, to face Union next Sunday in Santa Fe.

    The possible eleven to play for the ninth date of the Professional League Cup would be with Esteban Andrada; Carlos Zambrano, Carlos Izquierdoz and Marcos Rojo; Julio Buffarini, Jorman Campuzano, Agustín Almendra, Frank Fabra; Cardona or Mauro Zarate; Sebastián Villa and Carlos Tevez.

    Beyond the fact that the chances of Cardona’s return increase, after a month of being unemployed due to injury, the good moment of Zárate, author of the winning goal against Defense and Justice, are reasons for doubt for the coaching staff, who he does not want to rush the return of the Colombian player.

    As for Agustín Almendra, the last time he started, against Talleres de Córdoba in the local defeat by 2 to 1 15 days ago, he joined the teams due to the low performance of the youth Cristian Medina.

    The other news today was that the offensive midfielder Gonzalo Maroni was isolated and will not be part of the squad, because he presented symptoms compatible with the coronavirus.

    Maroni, a 22-year-old from Córdoba and usually a substitute in Boca, although during the current tournament he started several times and excelled with two goals against Vélez in the 7-1 win at Liniers on March 7, he was not going to start in Santa Fe but it is always a good option for DT Russo.

    In this context and according to a source close to the coaching staff confided to Télam, Maroni was swabbed yesterday with a negative result, but today when he arrived at the squad training in Ezeiza he had symptoms and as a precaution the decision was made to send him back to his home .

    So the only Boca holder who will miss the game on Sunday at 6.30 p.m. in Santa Fe will be Nicolás Capaldo, who was infected with coronavirus, since Maroni, like Agustín Obando (isolated by close contact) are substitutes.

    The footballers, in accordance with the protocol determined this week by the health authorities and by the AFA, arrived with sports clothing in their private cars. At the end of the practice, they left to shower at home and have lunch the food that the club gives them.

    The Boca team will return to training tomorrow in the morning at the club’s premises in Ezeiza and at 6.30 pm the summoned players will travel to Santa Fe, where they will remain focused on the hotel’s health bubble, to return just after the match.

    Boca will visit Unión in Santa Fe on Sunday from 6.30 pm, for the ninth date of Zone B of the Professional League Cup, with the arbitration of Fernando Espinoza.


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