Russian skier Yarmoshyna: do not take the drug health enough a maximum of a year

Russian skier Polina Ermoshina, retired, spoke about doping in sport. According to Yarmoshyna, the athletes face doping.

“I am against doping for themselves. But, going into the territory of professional sports, you obviously agree with this rule, want it or not.

Send their children to sport, rest assured: sooner or later there will come a time when you have to solve this question, will accept or not. If you’re not, healthy enough, well if for a year, depends on the sport.

Understand why people take performance enhancing drugs, why athletes take. Understand why they are caught. Exactly 50% of the cases the athlete doesn’t know what doping. Here are the cruel people around us. But there are those who do it on purpose, programme.

Coming to professional sports, you obviously agree with it. Now another sport and never will be. The body has a limit far below the results that show in any kind of sport,” she was quoted as saying on his YouTube channel.

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