Russian racer, who took Polish citizenship: I think that Putin respects my choice

Speedway racer Gleb Chugunov told about the Polish citizenship and the decision to play for Poland. Chugunov said that the Russian President would approve of his decision, if he knew what Speedway.

“For the first time on Polish passport and apply for him thinking two or three years ago. Not immediately applied. It was a serious decision, do not want to act hastily. When I got the passport, the question arose, to decide whether to play for Poland. While pondering, matured for this idea, too, as time passed. It was not obvious and not easy choice.

Love Russia is an incredible country. If one day to go, my grandmother will feed you the best soup you can try.

The reaction? People always discuss, have every right to. The Federation said it was my choice and she respects him. I think that if Mr Putin knew what Speedway, he too would respect my choice. A month ago in some interview he said he understood athletes who are changing the flag, although he wouldn’t like that” — quoted Chugunov Sportowe Fakty.

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