Russian blogger has set a world record for push UPS on one arm and leg

Russian blogger and athlete Manuel Mamoyan set a new Guinness record for number of push-UPS on one arm and a leg. 60 seconds fitness coach has carried out 41 push-UPS, whereas the previous record was 36 repetitions.

Challenge of the champion of Russia on the records (at Manvel highest number of Guinness records among Russians) was broadcast on “the Championship” in the framework of the special project of Geely brand and our portal. There you can see the interview of the hero.

“I started to set records when I was 15 years old. The first time I set a record when doing twisting on a press. Remember, then it must be, 2551 times, but next time, I overcame and made 3511 times. Then I began to set other records: push-UPS on one hand, two fists, two fingers and a lot more different combinations,” said Mamona.

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