Rosala fulfilled a wish for a TikTok fan and the video went viral

    Rosala fulfilled a wish for a TikTok fan and the video went viral

    Rosala was caught by the North American paparazzi at the exit of a luxurious Italian restaurant in Los Angeles called Giorgio Baldi. The nightly escape of the 27-year-old Spanish singer was in the company of rapper Playboi Carti, which gave rise to a series of speculations of a possible affair between the two artists.

    Since Rosala will move to North American soil his popularity in the United States has grown exponentially and the press there lends greater importance to his outings and appearances in public.

    This friday night Rosala He shared a funny video on his official TikTok account that delighted his millions of followers from all over the planet. In the recording, you can see the interpreter of Last night’s night fulfilling the request of one of her fans.

    From the gym and with a sporty look Rosala Elena was recorded singing wake up, wake up Elena a catchy song that fulfills the visible request of a fortunate follower. Holi can you make me an alarm for in the morning for in the morning to wake up by fis with my name Elena. Greetings was the message that the native of San Esteban de Sasroviras, Spain received.

    This publication, which once again demonstrates the great sense of humor and the attention that Rosala to his fans, they are quickly filled with likes and reproductions. In addition, he received thousands of comments where his fans asked him for requests similar to the video clip. Undoubtedly this user of TikTok has a new custom alarm clock that will be the envy of European fans.


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