Roger Martnez is Boca Juniors’ ‘B’ option to reinforce his forward

    Roger Martnez is Boca Juniors’ ‘B’ option to reinforce his forward

    The Guard1anes 2021 has been a real positive change for the american eagles and without a doubt, this is due to the arrival of Santiago Solari to the bench Cream blue. The ‘Indio’ has given new opportunities to young players and some who were practically out of the club.

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    One of the most contrasting cases with the last tournament is that of Roger Martnez. The Colombian had a foot and a half out of Coapa, even the Americanist directive had informed him that regardless of whether they found him an accommodation or not, in another team, he no longer entered into plans with the eagles.

    However, the performances he has had during the tournament, added to his two goals and a change of attitude on and off the court, has put him back in the sights of the Boca Juniors, who in the past transfer market had already shown interest in the forward’s file Cream blue.

    According to some media that closely follow the club ‘Xeneize’, Boca Juniors will be betting on signing Edinson Cavani and only in case the negotiation with the Manchester United does not materialize, they will knock on Coapa’s door to agree on a price for Roger’s letter. However, the Americanist directive will ask 10 million dollars by the Colombian, in addition to the fact that the player’s high salary would complicate the possibility of reaching Argentina. Even for a team as important as Boca, it is almost impossible to pay what the institution and the player ask for.

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