Ricciardo blows up F1 for glamorous crashes: “They’re idiots”

    Ricciardo blows up F1 for glamorous crashes: “They’re idiots”

    – I think last year F1 put something like “the 10 best times of the year” or something like that on their social networks, and eight out of ten were accidents. I thought: “you are idiots.” Maybe 12-year-olds want to see that kind of content, and it’s great because they don’t know any better, but we’re not kids. Do better, guys. Do better than that – filmed in an interview with “Square Mile” magazine.

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    The McLaren driver acknowledges the positive impact of the Drive to Survive series on his career, but says that sometimes the drama and rivalries created in the series for dramatic purposes are not real.

    – I think the first season of Drive To Survive was amazing. I spent time in the United States and literally realized it from trip to trip. It was the first time that I began to be recognized and to make references to this TV series. So it certainly did wonders for us, even on social media, where social media numbers have skyrocketed. He has done a lot for us and for the sport.

    – But there were episodes or parts where I felt like I pushed it a bit. They tried to create a little rivalry between Sainz and me, something that didn’t really exist. As if he were no more rival than anyone. There was no personal resentment towards him, but I think they wanted something, so many questions resulted in questions about Carlos.

    Ricciardo said F1 took into account his concerns about the Grosjean accident footage last year during a lengthy conversation he had with F1’s director of marketing and communications Ellie Norman in Bahrain.

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