Riccardo on a dare ate 16 candies and nearly choked

The pilot of Renault Daniel Riccardo, a well-known sense of humor and cheerful temper, apparently got bored on the quarantine and got into a funny argument.

The Aussie had to eat 16 jelly sweets and coped with this task, though almost choked. The video that laugh Riccardo stir not until the end of chewed candy.

Recall that the start of the season in Formula 1 has been postponed indefinitely. The reason for this was pandemic coronavirus. Before the introduction of quarantine in Formula 1 announced the postponement of the Grand Prix of China. After it was postponed the first Grand Prix of the championship in Australia, which was cancelled 1.5 hours before the start of the first free practice. Then it became known about the transfer or the cancellation of the stages in Bahrain, Vietnam, the Netherlands, Spain and Azerbaijan.

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