Review of Mifo O7 — wireless headphones that will delight any audiophile

Обзор Mifo O7 — беспроводных наушников, которые порадуют любого аудиофила

Find out whether TWS-ear headphones give high quality sound.

The market for wireless headphones often filled up by interesting solutions from lesser-known producers. One of these — O7 Mifo, a model from China that combines a comfortable form factor, and very high quality sound. But should you choose them instead of the popular AirPods Pro or Samsung Galaxy Buds+? Tell in order.

Table of contents

  • Specifications
  • Appearance and equipment
  • Connection and communication
  • Management
  • Sound
  • Autonomy
  • The results


Type emitters Two reinforcing per channel
Impedance 60 ohms
Connection Bluetooth 5.0
Frequency range 20-20, 000 Hz
Bluetooth Protocol aptX, SBC, AAC
Battery Headphones — 40 mA·h; case 350 mAh
While working 22 hours
Connector USB C
Headphone weight 4.8 g
Weight case 83,5 g

Appearance and equipment

Although the Chinese manufacturer and away from direct copying, design Mifo O7 is clearly inspired by the older models headphones Bang & Olufsen. Even logos have similarities.

The workmanship is flawless. The headphone is made of matte plastic, in the lower part of the housing has a leg with the charging connectors.

Обзор Mifo O7 — беспроводных наушников, которые порадуют любого аудиофила

Photo: Artem Bagdasarov

Charging case metal and feature a magnetic lid. On the side there are USB‑C connector and LED indicator inside another indicator with three diodes indicating the charge remaining. The case is very compact, it is easy to carry in the pocket of tight jeans.

Thanks to the leg they are easy to get out of your ears, but the fit has questions. The body fat, which may bring about difficulties for owners of small ears.

Обзор Mifo O7 — беспроводных наушников, которые порадуют любого аудиофила

Photo: Artem Bagdasarov

Another problem is the selection of nozzles. With many models from other manufacturers headphones just do not fit in the case, so I’ll have to make do with standard accessories and not to lose them. Included, in addition to the nozzles, there is the charging cable USB‑A to USB‑C.

Connection and communication

The pair meets a Qualcomm chip QCC3020 Bluetooth 5.0. To activate, simply open the case and touch the headphones. In this case, both channel are matched in parallel and independently from each other — out of sync and the delay in TWS‑headphones in the past.

Occasionally one of the channels there is a strange noise, resembling the rattle. As it turned out, sometimes it is faced by other users Mifo O7, to track the pattern fails. Well, that disturbances are rare and quickly pass naturally.

Обзор Mifo O7 — беспроводных наушников, которые порадуют любого аудиофила

Photo: Artem Bagdasarov

“Range” at Mifo O7 excellent: up to 20 meters in open area. Indoor indicator, especially if the signal paths are interior partitions. No claims to the microphones in the headset mode.


The weakest point of the headphones — touch control. On the outside of the buildings are the touch panel registered the tap. One touch on the right earpiece the volume increases, left decreases. Double-tap puts the track is paused, resumes playback or receives an incoming call. When you triple press activates the next or previous track, depending on the earpiece.

Обзор Mifo O7 — беспроводных наушников, которые порадуют любого аудиофила

Photo: Artem Bagdasarov

We complained about the touch controls of the Galaxy Buds+, however, after interaction with the Mifo O7 ready to take it back: here it is much worse. The sensor works with a delay, and sometimes does not read the press. Sometimes, on the contrary, the panel is sensitive to any slight touch. The volume gets off every time correct in-ear earphone.


Mifo O7 is built on the emitters of the reinforcing type, which is unusual for wireless headphones: usually these drivers are installed in expensive in-ear models. For each channel Mifo O7 have two transmitters: one works in the band of low to mid frequencies, the second is responsible for the reproduction of high.

Another feature of the Mifo — supports aptX audio codec. Usually headphones this form factor only work with codecs, AAC, or SBC, which adversely affect signal quality, but saving battery. About the autonomy we still talk, but now it’s time to figure out that the above characteristics mean in practice.

Обзор Mifo O7 — беспроводных наушников, которые порадуют любого аудиофила

Photo: Artem Bagdasarov

The first thing to point out is clean and legible MIDs. Headphones excellent job with the transfer of the vocals, not to distort the tone of voice and elaborate the pectoral base and head high notes.

With tools all too well, especially with guitars and keyboards. Mifo know how to play “fast”, at least at medium frequencies. Strikes on the strings doesn’t smeared in time, which is important for the energetic rock and metal. Guitar riffs keep their shape, very “tasty” sounds distortion.

High frequencies are another strong point Mifo O7. No gross distortion, the dishes don’t crumble into a pile of dirty sounds, wind is also reproduced naturally. The filing of sound in the high range of not causing fatigue and making the headphones versatile.

All this allows to hear even that is not able to transmit other wireless headphones. For example, progressive jazz metal band Panzerballett, with a large number of instruments and a fast tempo. Or a symphonic soundtrack of the latest “Mad max”. Or even the hardest metalcore band Silent Planet.

Обзор Mifo O7 — беспроводных наушников, которые порадуют любого аудиофила

Photo: Artem Bagdasarov

However, there is something to complain about: bass slightly boomy. It does not prevent to most tunes, but on a high-speed blast‑bits, there is a feeling that the headphones here falls into the buzz. This effect can spread to the lower middle, touching the guitar.

We have an odd situation: one track headphones showing great speed and clarity, and the next, the magic disappears. This must match several factors: for example, a very fast percussion and low chords in the rhythm guitar.

Effective way to reduce distortion is to reduce the volume. Headphones surprisingly does not lose pressure, the control of low frequencies is greatly improved. Besides noise isolation allows you to twist the volume in most situations, with the exception of listening in the subway.

In General, Mifo O7 — it’s excellent-sounding wireless headphones that do not fold even on difficult tunes. But they have a limit, so that the “killers” quality wired models, they will not.


The capacity of the batteries inside the headphones is 40 mAh, and the charger inside of the case 350 mA·h Claimed time on a single recharge — 7 hours case enough for three recharge. During testing Mifo O7 withstood 4 days of active use of listening to music, viewing videos on YouTube and talk on the headset. The result is good, especially considering the audio codec aptX. A full charge from the mains takes 1.5 hours.

The results

Mifo O7 — ear headphones with their flaws. You long to blame them for the awkward control, remember about the strange interference signal and unoriginal design. But when it comes to sound, and competitors, this model almost no. And for that you can put up with all the inconveniences that arise in the course of use.

The price at the time of publication of the review — 10 900 rubles.

Thank Mycroft for the store provided an overview on the headphones.

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