Reporter: LeBron will lose the most in case of cancellation of the season

“Los Angeles Lakers” and LeBron James more than any other will lose from the possible cancellation of the NBA season because of a coronavirus, such opinion was expressed by the journalist Rob Parker.

“LeBron will lose the most in case of cancellation of the season. I can hear it ticking championship clocks. LeBron needs this season. He has no idea whether to play as good as this year. James looked very strong, but the Lakers did a great job at the start. There is no doubt that this season could end their title. But it can slip away from them, and that chance will never be. Who knows how good they will be next season? How good are their opponents?” – quoted Parker TalkBasket.

The NBA suspended the season due to a pandemic coronavirus. The players are currently in quarantine. The outbreak of the disease caused by a coronavirus, was recorded at the end of December 2019 in the most densely populated city in Central China — 12-million city of Wuhan.


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