Renate Reinsve has already been offered an international film role after the success in Cannes – NRK Oslo and Viken – Local news, TV and radio

Renate Reinsve has already been offered an international film role after the success in Cannes – NRK Oslo and Viken – Local news, TV and radio

– I would think that there will be a lot of inquiries from abroad. It has already come a little here and there.

This is what Renate Reinsve says about what she thinks a possible victory in the film competition in Cannes will mean for her career.

The 33-year-old actor from Solbergelva in Drammen has, together with Joachim Trier’s film “The World’s Worst Man”, been greeted with unison tribute during the prestigious film festival.

– Have you received any new film offers during the week?

– I actually got one, Reinsve chuckles before she adds that she can not talk so much about the international offer.

– But it is very exciting!

Renate Reinsve on the red carpet during the gala premiere of “The World’s Worst Man” in Cannes.


On Friday, it was announced that the American rights to the film “The World’s Worst Man” have been sold to Neon, the same distributor who bought the rights to “Parasite”. It reports Deadline website.

At home for a breather

Reinsve is currently at home in Norway to celebrate her son’s birthday. A long-awaited break from glitter and glamor, we must believe the actor.

– It has been fantastic. It was really nice to see him again. I like this. To just be with him. It is a very great contrast, but good for the soul, says Reinsve.

She says that she does not fully understand what it is she has been involved in, and that she has definitely not landed completely yet.

Earlier this week she could tell NRK that people are running after her on the street and throws himself around her neck.

The British newspaper The Guardian’s statement that “a star has been born” is just one of many reactions. “Everyone is wondering why the world has not heard of 33-year-old Reinsve before,” the news agency AFP reported last weekend, before stating that “the Cannes festival has fallen head over heels in love.” The French newspaper Le Figaro compared Reinsve to the Israeli-American actress Natalie Portman and called her performance “excellent”.

– I’m a little boiled in the head, laughs Reinsve.

Hans Olav Brenner, Eskil Vogt, Herbert Nordrum, Joachim Trier, Renate Reinsve and Anders Danielsen Lie at the premiere.


Hardly dare to think of winning

But the attention around the actor has probably only taken a short break. Already on Friday afternoon she travels back to Cannes. On Saturday, “The World’s Worst Man” can win the prestigious Golden Palm award.

NRK met Renate Reinsve during the film festival in Cannes.

Photo: Simen Ekern / NRK

– Actually, I think it has been enough until now. We have received such good reviews and people have felt so connected to the film. That was really all we wanted. That people should be as happy in the film as we are, she says and admits that she hardly dares to think about what happens if they win.

– It’s so big. We’ll just see.

Would usually spend the weekend climbing

When NRK spoke to Joachim Trier in Cannes the day before the gala premiere in Cannes, he was skeptical of one thing: Renate Reinsve’s life would not be the same after the lights in the premiere hall were lit.

Trier and co-screenwriter Eskil Vogt wrote “The World’s Worst Man” with Reinsve in mind. It was created for her, and what she did with the role was so good that Trier was in no doubt.

Renate Reinsve plays the lead role in “The World’s Worst Man”, a role Joachim Trier wrote with Reinsve in mind.

Foto: SF Studios / Oslo Pictures

Regardless of whether the film wins an award, it is at least certain that Friday night in Cannes is miles away from what Reinsve would normally spend the day on.

– An ordinary Friday? I have a group of friends I’m with almost every weekend. We drink and enjoy ourselves. We climb a little. I can not call myself a climber, but I really enjoy it.

On Saturday, it will be decided whether “The World’s Worst Man” will win an award. The Palme d’Or will then be awarded during the Cannes Film Festival.

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