Regional restrictions and confinement from today, live news

    Regional restrictions and confinement from today, live news

    Specifically from this April 9, a new device of between 350 and 400 daily police controls is reactivated to guarantee that the district confinement and the perimeter confinement restriction of all Catalonia are fulfilled.

    “Between 350 and 400 police controls will be established on the roads that connect regions and in the surroundings of natural parks”, stressed Molinero at a press conference, ensuring that they will also work “to avoid illegal parties that are held repeatedly” .

    Until next April 19, the regional confinement will be one of the measures that will be applied in Catalonia to stop the expansion of the coronavirus. In addition, the Government contemplates an exception to this regional confinement, which are the displacements of the federated sport.

    On the other hand, finally the Secretary General of Health, Marc Ramentol, announced yesterday that the Generalitat was discarding for the moment the so-called “cultural safe-conduct”, which would allow circulation between regions to attend a cultural event, as requested by the Associació de Sales of Concerts de Catalunya (ASACC).

    Subsequently, the Minister of Health, Alba Vergés, refused to allow the perimeter confinement in Barcelona to be of the entire Metropolitan Area (AMB) and not only of the region. Vergés specified that they will study the measure as long as all the municipalities involved request it.

    Colau accused the Generalitat on TV3 of generating a health risk in the face of possible crowds that may occur in the city due to lack of physical space. “We are an extremely dense city. The regional confinement in our case not only does not prevent risky situations but causes them,” Colau stressed.

    After yesterday there were several small towns and territories throughout Catalonia that claimed it, finally today the Generalitat will study whether a “surgical and adapted to the environment” closure is viable.

    Let us remember that yesterday there were several areas of both the Pyrenees, Les Terres de l’Ebre, and the mayor of Barcelona herself, who asked that the confinement be limited to larger areas and adapted to the reality of the citizens who live in those spaces.

    In addition to the implementation of the district confinement until April 19, the other measures that were already in force have been extended, so that bars and restaurants must close their premises at 5:00 p.m.

    The health authorities of Catalonia fear that now all the coronavirus data will begin to rebound, since mobility and social relations during Holy Week could transform into a growth in coronavirus infections.

    On the other hand, yesterday more than 2,000 new infections were reported in a single day, a figure that had not been reached since February, and the patients admitted to the ICU already reach 483, this being a very high figure.

    Health authorities are still waiting to analyze how the data will be after having recently returned from Easter, which has increased mobility and social gatherings.

    In this way, mobility between regions is allowed in the case of assistance to health and social centers, services and establishments; compliance with labor, business, institutional or legal obligations that cannot be done electronically; attendance at university, teaching or educational centers; return to habitual residence; and assistance and care of the elderly or dependents.

    Movement between regions is also allowed to go to financial institutions; actions before public, judicial or notarial bodies; renewal of permits; conducting exams; exercise of the right of demonstration; for authorized sports competitions; or due to force majeure duly accredited.

    Thus, the DOGC has already published the return of the Catalans to the regional confinement, which will be in force until April 19. Regarding activities, the text clarifies that the ‘escape rooms’ and the premises with trampolines are among the recreational activities that are suspended “for legal security.”

    In addition, the Ministry of Health justifies that the restrictions that come into force are applied due to the occupancy rate of critical beds, a trend that, if not reversed, will place the health system “in a position that would affect the ordinary activity of patients. hospitals “.

    On the other hand, the opening of large areas such as shopping centers or stores of more than 400 square meters is still allowed as long as they limit “the space open to the public” and reduce their capacity by up to 30%.

    As for bars and restaurants, finally the measures have not changed either, so they must continue to open continuously from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and remain closed for dinner service, with the possibility of serving at home until midnight. 23 hours.

    In this way, from today and within 10 days, the Catalans will have limited mobility to the district perimeter and will only be able to travel for justified reasons, such as educational, work, health or care of an elderly person, among others.

    The same occurs with displacement outside the region, which only allows travel for duly justified reasons. Both measures will remain in force, at least, until next April 19.

    The holidays have increased social relations and mobility and, that is why, despite the fact that some indicators have remained stable for several days, the Government has decided to stop in time the fourth wave that they fear may arrive.

    The spread of the coronavirus and the number of daily infections has decreased in recent days, but the pressure in hospitals is increasing and ICU patients are already close to 500.

    Party sources indicated that he is “in stable health” and that the reason for his admission was “the need for oxygen”, which is why he is expected to spend a few days in the hospital.

    Sabater wrote on his Twitter profile: “These days I cannot continue the political and public task as it should, because I have to face, like so many thousands of other people, Covid-19. I am in the hospital and I want to thank the work to the personnel of the entire health field and to the entire public health system. We are in good hands. ”

    The minimum temperatures will be on the rise in the northern half and will remain unchanged in the rest of the region and the maximums will be on the decline.

    In the northern third of the coastline, the wind will turn from the south moderately and in the rest, wind from the south and southeast, with moderate intervals on the coastline.

    From this space we will bring you the latest news related to Barcelona, ​​Girona, Lleida and Tarragona, from politics, to culture, sports and events.

    But, in addition, today, we will closely follow the epidemiological situation in Catalonia regarding the perimeter closure, the state of alarm and the current curfew, applied as restrictive measures to stop the coronavirus crisis.

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