Real Madrid vs Barcelona | El Clsico: Sergio Ramos, on the verge of tears: “It is the greatest pain I have ever carried inside”

    Real Madrid vs Barcelona | El Clsico: Sergio Ramos, on the verge of tears: “It is the greatest pain I have ever carried inside”

    En Chapter 2 of the new season of Sergio Ramos with Amazon Prime, called Orgenes, the captain of Real Madrid warns from the beginning that to reveal what really happened on his departure from the Sevilla back in 2005. “I never wanted to touch it because I was a kid, I lacked experience to explain it well but today it is ideal to talk about how it happened.”

    Sergio Ramos and his departure from Sevilla

    “I have made many mistakes in my life and perhaps the biggest one I made at the time was not to go out and give explanations and talk. Having explained it, I let others tell the story for me. My transfer to Madrid was a completely agreed transfer between clubs, between Florentino and Del Nido. It was never a clause payment as it was sold, that generated that the fans did not treat me with the same affection that I have always had and will have “

    Ramos’ pain

    “I know what Sevilla and Sevilla are and how they feel, no one can tell me because I have lived it since I was little. All the information was manipulated, they lied to Sevilla. A very painful way, not only for me but also for my family. I will never forgive the pain that my grandparents went through, my parents, who cannot step on the Sevilla field. [dice al borde de las lgrimas] because I have stepped on it since I was little and people can have a different opinion, but my grandparents can no longer live or go back, they cannot change. That is the greatest pain that I have ever carried inside. That is why I have acted with rage and anger in the stadium when I have played or scored a goal, for all that mine have suffered. ”

    Ramos and his delicate signing from Sevilla to Madrid: “It’s time to tell how it happened”AMAZON

    The decision

    “I will make the same decision a thousand times but I will never let anyone tell the story as it was done at that time. To this day I can say that I have always been a Sevilla player, that I will be until death but I also have to say capital letters already. Big mouth that I am the captain of Real Madrid and the Spanish team “.

    His father and Valdano

    The father of Ramos He revealed: “We had the opportunity to go to Manchester United, Arsenal and Valencia as well.” Valdano, for his part, he commented: “I was very surprised that Real Madrid was interested in him because Madrid is not suitable for minors. Except for special cases, such as Ral, Casillas or Sergio Ramos. To put on the shirt and not feel the impact” .

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