RAFFAELLA CARRÀ, INTERVIEW OF ’95 ON SUNDAY IN / Mara Venier “It will be there forever!”

RAFFAELLA CARRÀ, INTERVIEW OF ’95 ON SUNDAY IN / Mara Venier “It will be there forever!”

At the end of the second episode of The Best of Sunday In, the interview with Raffaella Carrà a Sunday In in the 1995-1996 season. Before airing, however, Mara Venier he wanted to comment on the unexpected death of the great queen of Italian television: “it is very difficult to talk about Raffaella, Carrà is no longer there. Raffaella will always be there, she will remain forever because she is the best, you are and you will always be the best, always on the side of women, a free and fair woman, who has always loved her audience. The memories are many, you will always remain in the hearts of all of us, I am very impressed, I can say very little “.

The famous interview that anticipated the debut of Carramba, what a surprise!, after being away from our television for four long years. “I left thinking I would be away for 10 weeks, then due to a series of circumstances something did not work at the administrative level and I agreed to continue in Spain,“ Hola Raffaella ”. For me Spain is like a second home ”, he said. After long negotiations, the director Brando Giordani sent her back to Italy: “He called me and told me he wanted me to go back to Italy, I looked for the right program for a while, I love having a relationship with people … “. “Look you are Carrà, she managed to excite me again”: this Raffaella would have liked to be told the day after the broadcast of her program, Carramba, what a surprise !, which would later prove to be a huge success with the public and critic. (Updated by Emanuela Longo)

Domenica In’s homage to Raffaella Carrà

A few days after the disappearance of Raffaella Carrà, Rai re-proposes one of its most suggestive encounters with Mara Venier a Sunday In, on the occasion of an interview dated 1995 in which Raffa talked about his ‘new’ program Carràmba! What a surprise. In greeting Raffaella, last Monday, Mara was shocked: “It is very difficult to talk about Raffaella and (say) … the Carrà is no longer there”, commented the presenter in a video message sent on the sidelines of the replica of Carràmba. In fact, in recent years, the two have had the opportunity to meet a lot on and off the screen. At the time of his interview with Venier, in the nineties, Raffaella still did not know of the enormous success she would have with that format (we are talking about about 10 million viewers per episode). Despite the great ratings, however, Rai has never offered her something like this again.

How it was born Carràmba! What a surprise

Carràmba we did it in a small office of two meters by two ”, Carrà said in 2019 about the program. “Everyone made a contribution, because TV is a team game. Alone you do not take a step “. In the same interview given to Vanity Fair, Raffaella Carrà he fully retraced the genesis of his best product: “Do you think Sergio Japino he proposed it to me at least two years earlier. He showed me an episode of a format on reunions and I was cold (…). I didn’t. I was living in then Spain, where I thought I would stay at least another four years. From Rome, Brando Giordani, director of Raiuno, called me at regular intervals: ‘Come on Raffaella, let’s have a prime time’. ‘Eventually, Brando, give me a small program, not prime time’. Nothing was ever done about it ”.

Raffaella Carrà in 2019: “Working at Carràmba it was exciting “

But then he changed his mind: “I was in a hotel in Madrid and from the reception they tell me that there is a package for me. Inside the envelope, a package and a videotape. I turn on the VHS, insert it and start crying like a lamb. I call Sergio: ‘I found my program’ ”. The program, incidentally, was always the same, and Sergio at that point became impatient: “’You never listen to me,’ he said. I calmed him with the dialectic: ‘Come on, you showed me a surprise lofa’. Working in Carràmba fu exciting, because it was all true and the emotions, the ones I never pursued in the name of fiction, were honest ”. Finally he expressed himself on the possibility of a reply: “Rai has never asked me…”.


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