Radek John married a “model” with whom he cheated on Adamovská years ago

Radek John married a “model” with whom he cheated on Adamovská years ago

Former politician, moderator, publicist and amateur connoisseur of wine and beautiful women Radek John (66) got married! He married his long-time girlfriend Markéta Zámyslická (46), who proudly accepted his surname. It was she who abducted him years ago from the actress Zlatá Adamovská.

“On July 10, 2021, at exactly 12:00, we said yes. We had a wonderful day, so we will share our happiness with you. “ Markéta Zámyslická wrote on Facebook, who quickly changed her status to the assigned ones and changed her surname to Johnová, so that the whole world would know that the lady is now married.

“I love my husband, I’m really his whole, so I’ll wear his last name. So don’t be surprised, Zámyslická is disappearing and I’ve been Markéta Johnová since yesterday, “ explained the proud newlywed ten years ago Radek John odlaudě Zlatě Adamovské.

At that time, nothing very nice was written about the new wife of the former novice star. “She is a fairy tale writer who likes and often goes to parties,” said in 2011 to the daily Aha! a source who did not wish to be named.

“She’s obsessed with fame and has been wishing for years and for John and John. That he is his dirty secret, he tolerates it quite badly. ” continued the source about Markéta Zámyslická, who at that time introduced herself on the Internet as the author of poems and the organizer of cultural events.

But the reality was said to be completely different and much less attractive.

“Until recently, she made a living by portraying porn actors for filming and then editing their erotic photographers on a computer,” said then Aha! source with the fact that she tried in vain to break through in the field of photomodeling, which she did not succeed at all.

For the model, she was at least at her wedding.


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