R. brown: if the season of Formula 1 kicks off in July, will be able to hold 18-19 stages

Sports Director of the Formula 1 Ross Brawn does not exclude that despite the numerous transfers of stages in the season could still take place 18-19 Grand Prix.

“In our view, the option with the start of the season in Europe most acceptable. Most likely, he will be held without spectators. We can create a closed environment. Teams will arrive on Charter flights, we will follow them to the tracks to test. We need to be sure that nobody is at risk.

We will race without spectators, but it’s better than no racing at all. We must remember that the millions of viewers watching the sport from home. They are now in isolation and conducting races for them would be a huge bonus in this difficult period.

We have studied all the logistics and we believe that we will be able to hold 18-19 races. If we start the season in July, then we will make it. Of course, this will not be easy. We will have to wait three weekend in a row, and then a week break, then again three race weekend.

For the championship the rules require the eight races. We will be able to spend such an amount, even if we start it in October, so this date will be the point of no return”, — quotes the words of brown’s Sky Sports.

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