Québec confirms reinvestments in response to the Collectif 8 mars

Québec confirme des réinvestissements en réponse au Collectif 8 mars

Photo: Jacques Boissinot The canadian Press
The minister responsible for the status of women, Isabelle Charest

In response to the Collectif 8 mars, in which, inter alia, a reinvestment “massive” in the public services, the minister responsible for the status of women, Isabelle Charest, indicated that the government Legault will reinvest well in health and education as it is committed.

However, it has not been able to be more precise, since the budget of his colleague Eric Girard will be presented in a dozen days.

In its list of demands for the international Day of women’s rights, the Collectif 8 mars, has requested a reinvestment “massive” in the public services. He argues, first, that the women represent the majority of workers in the public sector, especially in health and education, and they have therefore been more severely affected by the budgetary restrictions of recent years.

“There is a reinvestment that will be made. But, specifically, how it will target the claims of the Collective ? It will be seen. But what is sure, is that the priority in health and education, she is there for the government, ” replied Mrs. Charest.

A few hours before meeting with representatives of the Collectif 8th of march, the minister did not want to engage further in the face of other claims that the Collective has already been made public, including a framework law on conciliation work-family-studies.

“For me, it is important to meet them, to have active listening and being able to make claims afterwards to be able to sit down with my fellow ministers and to forward the records. Definitely, I will be there to hear them and make things happen, ” quipped the minister responsible for the status of women, in an interview after a press conference regarding the representation of women in municipal politics.

It is a tradition in Quebec, during the international Day of women’s rights, the Collectif 8 mars meets with the minister responsible for the status of women. In recent years, the Collectif 8 mars were also able to meet at the same time the first ministers Pauline Marois and Philippe Couillard. But, this year, the prime minister François Legault was not able to clear his schedule to meet with its representatives.

When questioned on this subject, the minister Charest was convinced that the prime minister would have the opportunity to meet with them. She however could not say at what time.

Among the other claims of the Collectif 8 mars, we find an increase in the minimum wage to $ 15 — 6 out of 10 workers are paid the minimum wage are women — and the fact that they no longer account for child support in the calculation of social assistance benefits and of grants and loans, for example.

The Collectif 8 mars includes the Federation of Quebec women, the group Women of diverse origins and several trade union organizations, some of which are predominantly composed of women.


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